Michael Peaker MEmorial Trophy

Worrall Male Voice Choir Musical Grants Foundation continues to provide the support provided by Worrall Male Voice Choir to the David Clover Competition for Singers, the Sheffield spring music festival.

The Michael Peaker Memorial Trophy is awarded for the most outstanding performance of an aria or sacred song between the ages of 16-21. Recipients have been:

2006 Anna Harvey

2007 Robin Morton

2008 Zoe Bullock

2009 Harriet Eyley

2010 Elizabeth Newell

2011 Mathew Palmer

2012 Harriet Aspberry

2013 Abigail Kitching

2014 Judith Le Breuilly

2015 Olivia Caputa

2016 Tabitha Smart

2017 Mary Wilcock

2018 Caitlin O'Toole

2019 Georgia Sibley

2020 Anna Jelinek